Pet Adoption Process in Countryside

Thank you for your interest in rescuing from us! Countryside Veterinary Center works hard to vet these animals and treat them as our own until they find their forever home. The majority of our animals come from the police station found as strays and are not claimed. They also come to us without a history of health or previous owners. We attempt to identify the ages, breeds and sizes of the animals we take in, but it is not a guarantee.

Adoption Requirements

  • Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Must provide documents that specify your pet(s) are up to date on required immunizations/required tests*. If you don’t have these documents we can call your veterinarian to get this information.
  • All currently-owned dogs/cats must be spayed/neutered. This is a non-negotiable requirement.
  • All members of the family must meet the pet before adoption.

*Required immunizations/tests for dogs are Rabies, DHPP, and heartworm testing within the last year. Required immunizations/test for cats are Rabies, FVRCP, and FELV/FIV testing within the last year.

Pet for Adoption
Woman meeting a cat for adoption

Pet Adoption Donations

Adoption donations are $200 for dogs and $100 for cats.

Our pet adoptions are funded by donations which go to any medical care, vaccinations, tests, spay/neuter surgeries, and heartworm/flea and tick prevention. Additionally, a rabies tag needs to be purchased at the time of adoption. This price ranges based on the county the adopter resides in (typically $8-$15).

Each adoption includes:

  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Vaccination/tests current to the date of adoption*
    • Rabies
    • Bordatella
    • Canine Influenza- H3N2 & H3N8 (dogs)
    • Canine Distemper with Lepto – DHLPP (dogs)
    • Feline Distemper- FVRCP (cats)
    • Fecal test
    • Deworming
    • Heartworm test (dogs)
    • FELV/FIV Snap test (cats)
  • Up to date on flea and heartworm prevention
  • Microchip

*Boosters required for pets post-adoption are the responsibility of the owner.

Pet Adoption Process:

  • Once you have decided on meeting a pet, you will be asked to fill out an application that you can pick up at the hospital or download at the bottom of this page.
  • Once all the humans in your household have met the pet, the adoption application can be approved (this may take several days or immediately depending on if more information is needed).
  • If there are any other dogs in the home, these pets will first need to meet the adoptable dog to ensure they will get along. We typically do not do meet-and-greets for cats due to cats being anxious outside of their home environment, but they can be done upon request.
Adopted Dog Playing Outside

Are you ready to start the adoption process?