Pets Available for Adoption

Take a moment to meet the current dogs and cats available for adoption!


This is adoptable Annie. She came in as a stray covered in fleas, mats, ear and skin mites, scabs, a urinary infection, and nails so long they were embedded in her paw pads. She is now on the mend and available for adoption! She is a senior estimated at about 8-10 years old and loves to be held and snuggle up in her cat cave. Come adopt her today!


Billy is a 2 year old retriever mix. He is the silliest boy and loves to run and play with his dog friends. He loves to stand up and give hugs! 35 lbs

Bonnie Sue

Bonnie Sue, 1.5 years old, 15 lbs. Bonnie Sue wants to be cuddled and held all day! She has the cutest little snaggle tooth and is dog friendly


Cayden, 1.5 years old, 55 lbs. Cayden is our longest term adoptable here since September 2018. We don’t know why he hasn’t been scooped up yet – he knows sit, stay, paw, lay down, loves toys and catches treats in his mouth. He would love another big dog to wrestle with and a yard to sprint around in!


Holly, 3 years old, 50 lbs. Holly is the biggest bundle of joy ever. She is a 50 lb lap dog who knows sit, lay down and LOVES toys. She will carry a stuffed animal on a whole mile walk. She has been here since November 2018 and is dog friendly.


Margie, 1.5 years old, 25 lbs. Margie was adopted but then returned at no fault of her own. She is very funny and loves belly rubs! She is dog/cat friendly and would love a yard to do zoomies in!