6 Things to Do Before Boarding Your Dog in Countryside, IL

It’s always ideal when you are able to take your pup with you when you take a trip or go on vacation. It would be great if he or she could relax and play with you on the beach or take mountain hikes with you and enjoy amazing views. It would also be great if your dog could accompany you on trips you have to take for work. Being able to take your pup with you wherever you go would be perfect and would ensure constant peace of mind for both of you. Unfortunately, bringing your furry baby along is not always possible, especially if you have to travel for business. While having family members and trusted friends you can leave your dog with is ideal, it’s not always an option. They may not be available or able to help you out. Sometimes, boarding your dog is the only option available. Of course, you should always be very careful when choosing the right dog boarding facility. Here are 6 things you should do before boarding your dog in Countryside, IL.

Dog Boarding in Countryside, IL

Find A Reputable Dog Boarding Service

When looking for a good dog boarding service, it may be a good idea to get with your veterinarian and ask for their advice and recommendations. They will likely know of a quality place and will be able to point you in the right direction. You may also want to reach out to friends and family members who have pets of their own and have used dog boarding services before. Get their feedback. If you come across a service provider that you are willing to consider, read up on the reviews that other people have left on Google or on their website (professional and quality kennels will likely have a website).

Visit The Dog Boarding Kennel Beforehand

Once you come across an option that may be suitable for your pup, it’s a good idea to take a trip to the dog boarding facility before committing to it and taking your dog there. Taking the time to do that will give you extra peace of mind while you are away. Book an appointment to visit, talk to the staff, and pay attention to the environment and conditions that your dog will be left in. Find out the number of staff that will be available to care for your pup and play with him or her while he or she is at the dog boarding facility. Ask about the daily routine and the kinds of exercise that will be available to your dog. Inquire about the vaccinations that are required by the kennel and about the procedure and protocol for handling medical emergencies. Make sure the place is clean, taken care of, and properly ventilated. Dogs are at a higher risk of contracting infectious diseases when they are in social settings. Hygiene is key and very important.

Bring Your Own Food and Medications

Bringing your own food and medications is highly recommended. It’s the best way to ensure that your dog will receive the proper nutrition that is important to his or her health and continuous wellbeing. It will also give you peace of mind to know that your pup is not deviating from his or her established diet. This is particularly important if your dog is on a special diet. Also, don’t forget to bring any medications that your dog is currently taking. Don’t rely on the kennel to have everything that your dog may need. Another thing you can (and should) do is to bring your dog’s favorite toy or something of yours—like a shirt or a special blanket—for them to have while you are away. It’s a piece of home, and it can help reduce your pup’s anxiety while you are gone. It will also reduce your own anxiety from having to leave your beloved companion in the care of others.

Provide Detailed Instructions For Your Dog’s Care

Bring a list of detailed instructions when it’s time to drop off your furry companion for dog boarding in Countryside, IL. Be detailed. Don’t leave anything off. If your dog is on a certain schedule, make sure the staff is aware of what it is and that they follow it while your dog is in their care. Sometimes, you can ask for them to keep record of how your dog is doing while you are away. It is likely that keeping record of your pup’s day is already part of the practice of a reputable place.

Make Sure Your Dog is Protected Against Fleas and Ticks

As already mentioned, it’s a great idea to get with your vet before boarding your dog. It’s ideal if you can take a trip to the animal hospital. If possible, it should always be done when having to leave your dog at a kennel. Your vet may even have some very helpful tips and suggestions for ways to make the process as smooth as possible and to reduce your dog’s anxiety while you are away. Make sure that all of your dog’s flea and tick preventatives are up to date. Since he or she will be in a social setting for a longer period of time, it’s important that he or she stays protected.

Make Sure Your Dog’s Vaccinations Are Up To Date

Even if certain important vaccinations are not on the dog boarding service’s list of requirements, make sure your dog is well protected and that his or her vaccinations are all up to date. Remember that diseases and infections can be contracted more easily in social settings. Your dog will be surrounded by other dogs, and while they will have all gone through a process of confirming that all the requirements for being able to stay at the kennel are met, it’s impossible to guarantee that nothing will go wrong and to ensure that there is absolutely no way that your dog may catch an infection from another dog. When in social settings like these, the risk for kennel cough and common respiratory infections in particular becomes so much higher, as they are already easily spread and contracted by dogs.

If you are thorough in your pet’s preparation for dog boarding, you will rest easy knowing that you have taken all the necessary measures to keep your dog properly cared for and protected. There are never any guarantees, but doing your part makes all the difference in most cases. If you find a good dog boarding facility and do your part to ensure your pup’s comfort and health, chances are he or she will not only be well cared for while you are gone but that he or she will also have fun, and you will come back to a happy dog.

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