Dog Daycare in Countryside, IL: What to Expect and is My Dog a Good Fit?

When you’re looking at bringing home a new puppy or adult dog, there is so much that you have to think about. One of the most important things you’ll need to consider is whether or not you’ll utilize a dog daycare. Not every dog is a good candidate for daycare, but it can be a great resource for dogs in order to maintain socialization and to keep them active during the day. To decide whether or not your dog is a good fit for daycare you need to look at their sociability, their health, and any other behavior issues that could be a factor in their happiness at daycare.

Dog Daycare in Countryside, IL

Benefits of Dog Daycare in Countryside, IL

If you’re someone who works long hours and doesn’t have a partner who can help, dog daycare might be very tempting. It would mean that your dog wouldn’t be cooped up in a kennel or a room all day and would be able to play with other dogs and receive brain stimulation while you’re gone.

How to Tell if Your Dog is a Good Fit for Daycare in Countryside, IL

So, how could it possibly be a bad thing? While almost all puppies are considered “dog social”, as they become older they can lose some of those socialization skills. They can become “dog tolerant”, “dog selective”, or even “dog aggressive”. If your dog isn’t one to go and join in the fun and even becomes annoyed or aggressive when another dog approaches, he might find it hard to adjust to dog daycare life. The point of daycare is to make your dog happy, not add stress to their life.

If your dog is “dog social” or “dog tolerant”, they should find it fairly easy to adapt to an environment with several dogs. However, even a “dog tolerant” dog may not find it easy to adjust to a new handler every day. Not only does your dog have to be comfortable being around lots of other new dogs each day, they also need to be able to be handled by many different people without issue. If you can’t hand your dog off to a friend or to another person, she might not be a good candidate for dog daycare. It’s important that if you’re putting your dog into an environment with this kind of stimulation that they can handle it.

Vaccines Needed for Dog Daycare

The next important factor to look at is your dog’s physical health. Before starting at a dog daycare, almost all with require a handful of vaccines. The list is typically rabies, parvo, canine influenza, and kennel cough. These vaccines might not 100% prevent your dog from getting the diseases, but they are extremely effective. For example, even with the vaccine your dog can still get kennel cough because the virus can adapt and your dog can end up with an infection. You should also make sure that your dog is on a flea and tick preventative before starting at a daycare. If your dog has all of the vaccines and is on a flea and tick preventative, you should still consider talking to your veterinarian about any additional measures that you want to take to keep your pup as healthy as possible while being around so many other dogs.

Your Dog’s Behavior

Last, you want to make sure that your dog doesn’t have any additional behavioral problems that could be an issue at the daycare facility. For example, if your dog has separation anxiety that could really affect how he is able to interact with the other dogs and people. Separation anxiety should be discussed with your vet before starting a dog daycare. It really depends on what the triggers of the anxiety are. If your dog is anxious when he’s alone, then daycare might be a great option for you. However, if your dog is anxious because they’re apart from you specifically, then daycare could be even harder on him.

There are also behavioral problems that could be a reason to put your dog in dog daycare. You could lump them all in under a category of “destructive issues”. If you have a chewer or a dog that destroys things when he gets bored, daycare can provide him the stimulation necessary to wear him out during the day. Daycare doesn’t “fix” these behaviors, though. It simply provides an outlet for the extra energy and keeps boredom from happening.

A dog that’s a good fit for daycare is one that likes dogs and people and needs that additional stimulation during the day. If you have an older dog that you think is sad all day because he’s alone, really take a look at his behavior. Is he actually sad about being alone or is he just trying to relax and enjoys being alone for the day? Some older dogs do like daycare and simply like to watch and observe the other dogs for mental stimulation. Others really do like being alone while you’re at work and don’t want the stress of daycare.

Talk with Your Vet About Dog Daycare in Countryside, IL

Overall, dog daycare is a great option for many pets and even going a couple of days a week can help stimulate your pup and maintain their level of socialization. It’s important to discuss with your vet before starting daycare because they know your dog’s behavior only second to you and with their professional background they may recognize more behavioral issues than you do. Remember, the best option is unique to each pup!

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