Embracing Holistic Medicine with Reiki

Animal reiki is a holistic medical approach that acts as a complement to traditional veterinary medicine. Reiki involves the channeling of universal life energy through the practitioner to the patient, thereby stimulating your pet’s self-healing abilities. We can use it for just about any condition because it comes with no side-effects and has no contraindications.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki follows the belief that there is a universal energy through which all living beings are connected. When a pet suffers from illness or stress, this energy is weakened, creating imbalances that can lead to more problems. A reiki practitioner restores balance by channeling energy to your pet by either placing their hands on a certain charka points of the body, or by hovering just above if your pet is uncomfortable with touch. Learn more about the body’s chakra points here.

What to Know About Reiki Sessions

We can perform a reiki session in hospital, in your home, or even at a distance for remote healing. The session can either be hands-on, where the practitioner gently places their hands on specific chakra points of your pet, or hands-off, where they hold their hands slightly above your pet. For remote healing sessions, our reiki practitioner is still able to channel the energy effectively no matter the distance. Sessions last from 30-60 minutes, and the frequency of sessions will vary depending on your pet’s illness or condition and their response to reiki.

Cat sitting on owner: Holistic Medicine in Countryside

What Can Reiki Treat?

Since reiki is entirely non-invasive and has no side effects, we can use it as a complementary holistic treatment for most any condition. The benefits of reiki include:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Strengthens sense of well-being
  • Supports the immune system and the natural healing process
  • Promotes relaxation and reduces stress
  • Relieves pain and trauma
  • Benefits overall health and wellness
  • Provides comfort and eases changes during hospice care

Reiki is very beneficial for pets who are undergoing cancer treatments, have a chronic condition, suffer from acute pain and so much more. Talk to your veterinarian today about whether reiki is right for your pet!

About Our Reiki Professional

Matthew is a Certified Reiki Practitioner of the Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho Tradition. Matt has been working with Reiki for over a year, but has always used his own energy, empathy and compassion for the well being of others especially animals.  He received his training, attunements and certifications by Reiki Master Teacher Sonya Watkins at Journey to Wholeness Center in Oak Lawn, IL.  Helping animals being his soul passion and focus he has devoted over 10 years of his life to animal shelter care, hospital, and boarding facilities where he gained his experience.  When not working he spends time in nature or at home with his family including their 5 cats and 1 dog, as well as friends.  Devoting his life to his spiritual journey/practices he meditates and gives himself Reiki daily as well as loved ones whenever in need.  Passionate in the Arts of all forms he is a Lead Singer in his band as well as the lyricist that enjoys writing and expressing himself artistically any way he can.